Bell Tower Repair

Bell Tower Repair – Based in Indianapolis, IN, service nationwide

Are you in need of Bell Tower Repair in Indianapolis Indiana?  Smith Bell and Clock Service provides nationwide Bell Tower Repair Provisioning and service to our clients in Indianapolis as well as clients all over the USA.

Having trouble with your tower clock keeping time or the bell not ringing properly?  We’re the experts when it comes to the diagnosis and repair of electrical or mechanical clock movements.  We also can repair faulty dials or dials with cracks and holes in them.  We also can provide new street clocks or restore old street clocks.  Smith’s Bell and Clock Service is the only 24 hour bell and clock company.  Most generally, we can save your establishment a considerable amount of money because we give you only the parts you need.  Not having the overhead that some larger companies do helps us keep cost down and pass the savings on to you.  Realizing the difficult economic time we’re in, we make every effort possible to increase the equipments potential, without sacrificing quality of workmanship.

If you are in need of bell tower repair then call an experienced and knowledgeable company like Smith’s Bell & Clock Service.  Call us today at 317-847-4092.