Our Services

We not only repair or recreate existing structures, we also have the ability to install new equipment in your tower. You have many options when it comes to creating a custom clock or bell tower. Please call us for more information. We also service and create glockenspiels.

Our staff has the knowledge and experience to help provide what you need, when you need it. We accurately assess your situation and sell only the products you need. We constantly strive to make immediate service calls and or maintenance. We offer 24/7 bell and clock service.

All types of equipment. I.e. Seth Thomas Repair, E. Howard Repair, Shulmerich, Verdin, Vanbergen, and more. We can also help you with your restoration project. We can restore your E. Howard or Seth Thomas clock to its original splendor. We also have the ability to electrify your bells or old clock. Additionally, we can do repair to cast bronze bells, painting and repair of frame work, bell wheels, or bell yolks and bell clappers. We can make wooden hands and or dials to restore the clock and preserve its historical integrity. We cover the midwest states but can be available to travel anywhere. It doesn’t matter what you have, we can get you fixed for less!

We also have the best warranty in the business. 10 years on anything new we install, provided that we do the maintenance on the equipment during that time. We charge affordable rates because we don’t have the overhead that some larger companies do. This is a Christian, and family oriented business.

As far as repairs go for street and tower clocks, they are very similar since they both operate off the same principal. One is just usually larger than the other.

1. One common problem amongst old pendulum swung clocks is lack of lubrication or rust on bearing shafts. You find these typically in old churches or county courthouses. Some popular models include ones in the midwest are: E. Howard and Seth Thomas. One small spot will cause a clock to work good intermittently. Pivot points on these clocks should be only oiled lightly at least two to three times per year. Professional maintenance of these clocks will keep them running for an extended length of time.

2. Loose hands that touch each other is another common problem due to “slop” in the dial gears.

3. Electric motors often need rewinding or gears put in them to run properly again. We can custom make and rewind motors for older clocks and or custom machine bracketry to retro-fit new motors. (including bell strike motors)

4. Another complaint is the bell strike is off with the time. The cam wheel needs repositioned and sync’d with the time. Often a difficult maneuver for one who is not experienced with these old clock systems.

5. Electrical clocks not fast-setting. Most of these movements are equipped with a reversible motor that engages a different set of gears to be able to fast-set the hands with the controller. On average, it takes 7 minutes to roll around one revolution with synchronous movements. Usually, the ratchet mechanism is at fault and needs to be sent to our shop for repairs.

6. Street and Tower Clock lighting. Most of the time, older clocks are backlit with fluorescent tubes similar to ones that are found in your garage, etc. Replacing these lights and matching these with their appropriate photo cell or timer will greatly enhance the look of your clock at night. For new installations, we choose to use highly efficient LED’s. They are long life and use much less electricity.

7. One side of the clock reads different from the other side. Diagnosis is required either on the motion works, or the clock movement, or hands. We safely abseil sides of buildings to determine what the exact problem is for Tower Clocks. Most street clocks can usually be accessed from the ground or from a small lift.